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Kiting is Hard

Sorry it’s been a little while since I’ve made a new post on here.  Things have been a little crazy in my world.  I’m living in a temporary apartment in  a different city for my family medicine clerkship rotation for the month of November.  So I had to move this past weekend, get settled in, and I started working in a family medicine clinic this past Monday.  I also have other school requirements, a very difficult exam to study for, and a large project that I have to get started working on.  Needless to say, add in raiding and I’m a very busy person.

Unfortunately, idiocracy has still failed to kill ToGC 25-man Anub’arak as of yet.  It’s crazy how many little tiny things there are that have to be perfect in order to get to phase 3 and kill him.  The ice patches have to be positioned correctly, the adds have to be misdirected correctly, the interrupts have to be spot-on, phase 2 kiting has to be pro, dps have to aoe the adds and still hit anub, nobody can pull threat, BoPs have to be perfectly executed, the list goes on and on….  It’s not that our guild doesn’t know how to do all these things; the problem is that they all must occur simultaneously.  You cannot lose any person during phase 1 or 2; lose more than 1 or 2 during phase 3 and it’s over.  And I haven’t even mentioned healing in phase 3 yet.

As this post is titled…kiting is hard!  Now, I do say that with just a hint of sarcasm.  Now everybody knows that the spikes follow you when you get targeted, but unlike your character, the spikes can’t make those hairpin turns and they tend to take the shortest path to follow you.  That means….you have to make wide turns.  You have no idea how many times we’ve had ice patches used up early because someone either wasn’t paying attention or didn’t understand that they had to make a very wide turn in order to prevent the spikes hitting the patch prematurely.

Another issue that we have had, which has since been mostly resolved, is healer threat.  Yikes, I know, those adds wanted to pound my face in the dirt….and they were successful many times.  So, the healers in our guild had to modify some of our specialized healing talent specs in order to pick up those healing threat reduction talents.  Previously, in my post Anub’arak – Bane of my existence, I linked my previous healing spec for anub.  Here is a new link for my current build.  What I decided was that basically, I do not use nourish during the fight and I only keep up a regrowth on the tank for it’s HoT portion.  Therefore, I dropped my points from nature’s bounty so I could fill out subtlety and natural perfection (yea for 3% crit!).

Another issue I’ve been ruminating on is mana regen for phase 3.  My innervate has basically got a paladin’s name on it for phase 3 because our two paladin’s are spamming the tanks during that phase.  Therefore, I know that I have to rely on my own mana regen and intellect to get me through that phase.  In addition, I know that I cannot use a mana potion because at 15% the entire raid pops mighty frost protection potions.  So I’ve been contemplating using either Flasks of Pure Mojo or perhaps a different kind of food, maybe Spicy Fried Herring.  Cause frankly, I’m finding that we’re getting to 10-15% on Anub’arak, and I’m basically oom or getting dangerously close.  There are very rare occasions in which I’m willing to trade spellpower for mana regen.  However, I believe all that is necessary for a resto druid during phase 3 is to be able to throw out a 0.6-0.7 sec 6-7k heals on a target with penetrating cold and the mana regen to last the entire phase.

Anyway, my guess is we will try some more attempts on Anub’arak tonight.  Wish us luck, I’d love to get A Tribute to Skill (25-man).


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