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Finally some Progress

July 17, 2010 Leave a comment

So, my guild has sort of been slow to progress as of lately (more like a dead halt) due to hmm, a lot of factors.  But recently, the number one guild Alexstrasza and our main competition imploded, so we’ve received a rather large influx of new, very talented players.  Thanks to them, we’ve had enough raiders and proper group compositions to actually work on progression bosses like 10 and 25 man H LK and 10 and 25 man H Halion.

Friday nights have always been difficult attendance-wise for us, though it’s one of our main off-nights for practicing in 10 mans.  Point in fact, we started probably an hour late and only had one group running at a time since we were still short raiders.  But I tell you what, once we got going, we were on fire.  We started with 10 man heroic ruby sanctum.  10 man heroic Halion 2-shot!  Bam!  Now, granted we’d all spent a ton of time learning the fight and wiping on it.  People dying to the “cutters” (those nasty lazer beams inside the twilight portal), soul or fire consumption, fire from the meteors outside the portal, improper positioning of the voids on the ground, and just plain lack of heals sometimes were things that were wiping us.   Over the past week or two we have tried some seriously strange healer compositions.  I’ve solo-healed inside the portal, I’ve solo-healed outside the portal (this usually didn’t end well, though if I wasn’t running with fire consumption I could keep the tank up).  We also tried 4-healing it because we were having horrible survivability issues (despite what you might think, it didn’t work).  Good old-fashioned three-healing it was the way to go for us.  We used a resto druid and disc or holy priest inside the portal and a holy paladin outside.

So here’s our screenshot after our kill:

I thought it was a fantastic start to our night.  We then headed over to 10 man heroic ICC to reactivate an older raid lockout that had only the Frost wing and the Lich King left alive.  This was for time-saving purposes, and to allow us quick access to what we really wanted to work on, that is the Lich King.   We finally had a decent group composition, which for those of you with any experience at all know is crucial.  It definitely wasn’t perfect though since we had three melee dps and two ranged.  But for us this can be a pro since our melee dps are very very good and are usually top dps if the fight mechanics allow.   Plus, I’m lost without Dolph and his replenishment, aura, and Shadowmourne, not to mention Zakiyya‘s totems and heroism.

We ended the night well…..10 man Heroic Lich King to 18%!!  Hopefully when we get back together Sunday or Monday we can squeeze out our kill before they increase the ICC buff up to 30%.  I’ll keep you updated.